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We are Al Rios and David Sliom, Director and Assistant Director of The Divearium, a new and one-of-a-kind freshwater scuba diving venue. We are moving forward with a plan to set up the facility at a local quarry in Fredericksburg, Va.,  and believe us when we say that local/inland diving will never be the same!

We are both advanced open water divers, and are convinced you will find the Divearium to be visually exhilarating, hugely educational, physically challenging, extraordinarily fun, and unlike anything you’ve experienced before in terms of inland quarry/lake diving.

The Divearium trademark was granted full and official registration with the USPTO in 2015.

The Virginia Divearium, Inc. is a non-profit organization that was formed in 2014 to support the project, and has 501c3 status with the IRS. We are dedicated to on-going aquatic life education, and will seek to actively encourage divers to have a guardian/stewardship mentality toward the oceans and all aquatic life and habitats.

The history of scuba diving in freshwater quarries shows that they began being used as diver certification and training sites in the early 1960’s, and those endeavors continue to be the main focus of most present-day quarry diving destinations.

The Divearium will be different in that the site will not operate primarily as a certification and training facility.

Our focus will be to invite and encourage individuals and/or small groups of already certified OW (Open Water) divers,  AOW (Advanced Open Water) divers, and Solo/Self-Reliant Certified divers who simply enjoy scuba diving and want to get wet as often as possible while fully engaged in an extraordinary dive experience.

An additional purpose of the project is to begin the transformation of inland diving by launching a mid-Atlantic dive facility that is compelling and drastically different from the “cold, dirty, green, and boring” encounter commonly associated with this type of diving.

In effect, we are presenting a new model for how quarry/lake diving is done!

David and I look forward to sharing the Divearium experience with you.

Al and David

(9/11/20) UPDATE: 

We are working with the manager of another local quarry. The prospect looks very positive for obtaining a lease for the site by the summer of 2021. Will keep you posted. 


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  1. Dear Sirs,

    Sea Scout Ship 2 / Adventure wants to help! We are active at Camp Snyder — 2 miles from your future location — with almost 90% of our unit Open Water certified. Please review our website (https://www.ship2.org) and let us know where you need our help.

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